Bill James, a seasoned sales professional who was a national sales manager at just age 26 and has over 35 years of experience beating sales targets, training sales and being in the field achieving spectacular results.

His ability to align reluctant sales people with the role they have to play in sales has allowed him to create sales success among those that don’t like selling…but have to anyway. Those that are technically excellent but to whom the idea of having to make sales was never been a comfortable option.

Bill has the ability to create just the right words at the right time and Build trusted relationships with potential clients in minutes. The integrity based sales processes used revolves around the person selling being real to who they are while also being what the client is looking for. Ideas are simple to understand and implement AND your team will be willing to try them.

By aligning the sales with who they are Bill achieves significant increases in activity and gets the results that organisations have long looked for.

And yet it was only part of the solution. Something was missing…