With a childhood that resembles a mix of “Once were Warriors” & “Gloriavale” it could be believed that one could use every excuse in the book to accept that life is too hard and not worth the effort.

Having survived a traumatic upbringing, I went on to carve a future that my past does not rule. Leaving school at the age of 14 I qualified as a builder, started my first company at 17 and grew it to over $20million dollars by the age of 20. The story doesn’t end there. After 13 years of striving to build a solid future, the GFC crashed my business and I found myself questioning my ability to continue not just in business but needing to dig deep to find the courage to get back up again and not accept what others thought should be the future of someone with this past.

I have since successfully completed an MBA with distinction, led high performing teams, built multiple successful businesses and I understand how to create a sales focused culture that is robust and produces consistent results.

With an ability to cut through to the core of the problem and see the solution coupled with a talent for training, coaching and leading teams, sees me regularly boosting the results of individuals and organisations, taking them to a whole new level.

With a passion for helping people reach their goals, I can quickly spot the stumbling blocks and put a workable strategy into place that allows fast progress and quick results.