Putting a Human Face on your Marketing

When people look at a photograph, what’s the first thing they look at?

The human face.

It’s the digital age, but people are drawn to people first and foremost. It’s a question of trust – think Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Karen Walker, Nick Mowbray, Rob Fife, Rod Drury, Jayne Hrdlicka… these are the people that created, or transformed, businesses into the trusted brands they are today.

Attain Marketing builds the reputations of your top people as thought leaders through mainstream media, and then we use that content to spearhead the marketing of your brand, your products and your services across multiple earned, bought and owned media channels.

  • 60 percent of the market value is attributable to the company reputation
  • 96 percent of the CEOs surveyed believe a strong corporate brand is as important as strong product brands
  • 45% of people found something in an online search that made them decide NOT to do business with someone
  • 77% of employers use Google to pre-screen job candidates
More on the ‘Philosophy of Hero Marketing’

Three Steps to Delivering your Marketing ROI

In this time of the ‘hero’ influencer, Attain uses a tailored Reputation+ Marketing Programme to deliver bottom line results to your business.

  1. Research and discovery
  2. Strategic and tactical planning
  3. Activation & Testing

Research and Discovery

To develop a successful marketing strategy we must not only understand your customers wants and needs, but the wants, needs, problems and objectives of you, your business and your brand.

  • Strategic Marketing Workshops

Attain Marketing facilitates a range of workshops and focus groups to discover, brainstorm and uncover information, ideas and data that will contribute to the development of your marketing strategy and tactics.

  • Digital data tracking:

Attain Marketing’s automation platform of choice, SharpSpring, provides a range of reports, including sales pipeline values, opportunities, conversion analysis, campaign tracking, evaluation and website and social media analytics.

  • Qualitative interviews

Attain Marketing utilises social anthropologists to conduct qualitative interviews that uncover what problems you and your customer’s needs solving, as well as to be able to see what marketers are missing – did you know anthropologists contributed to the name LEXUS and a compass app on phones so that Muslim consumers can locate Mecca day-to-day?

Strategic and Tactical Planning

‘Time’, ‘money’ and ‘quality’ are just buzzwords that are easily brushed off. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, your website and the news media are just channels – it’s easy for users to skip, swipe by or ignore your messages if they are not relevant.

Earning attention and converting sales depends on the effectiveness of your positioning, what’s trending, your customers’ problems, the customer journey, your story, your brand, your calls-to-action and your conversion process (among other things) – that’s all included in your written strategy document.

Your marketing strategy exists to guide your marketing towards core objectives with a powerful, differentiated positioning and compelling thought leadership content.

Attain Marketing will also develop a marketing, content and campaign calendar – integrated with your marketing automation and CMS where relevant – so that you know what’s happening, where and when it does.

Activation & Testing

Every campaign starts with a hero piece of content that showcases your thought leadership.

The goal is to get this published in mainstream media. The theme, and some of the content, of your thought leadership piece is repurposed, enhanced, promoted and published across selected channels with a clear call-to-action that ends in a conversion.

If you are a marketing automation customers, tracking, measuring and adjusting course is easy because the technology offers data insights track your marketing all the way to the bottom line – end-to-end conversion that integrates your emails, website, social media and third party impressions.

If you are not a marketing automation customer it is possible to utilise data gathering tools e.g. Google Analytics, MailChimp and Hootsuite.

What Will your Marketing ROI Programme Look Like?

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Done-For-You (DFY)

Everything Done (ED)


3 hours coaching / training per month

Some client resources utilised

Fully managed by Attain Marketing

Weekly WIP

Marketing Automation

Strategic Workshop

Qualitative or Quantitative Research



Reputation+ Marketing Strategy Plan and Calendar

Hero Thought Leadership Content

Content Creation e.g. copywriting, graphic design and artwork.

Video: From concept and script to production, editing and promotion.

Conventional Marketing: Brand development and deployment (e.g. brand guide, signage, embroidery) and advertising (creative through to media buying).

Paid Channels e.g. Paid advertising and pay-per-click Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Outbrain etc.