September 25


09:00 am - 05:00 pm

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Attain New Zealand


Attain NZ Ltd

8 Commerce Street CBD, Auckland, Auckland 1143

Auckland, Auckland, NZ, 1143

The Art of Influence

Changing minds and views with honesty and integrity to achieve sales.

Many worry that influencing someone else is a bad thing, but we do it all the time! Your boss or peers, your customers or our family, we are constantly trying to convince people that we have a better way of doing things.

Influence is not a problem if we do so for the right intent. Is it wrong to stop a child stepping into the road or a friend from making a bad choice of car purchase? No. If we influence with integrity and are working to better that person, then we are serving them. In this session you will discover;

● How to frame a conversation to open a client’s mind to the possibility of changing.

● How to have ‘quiet’ control over the sales situation.

● The power of the right words delivered in the right way.

● The art of influencing beyond words. So much that we convey is not done with words alone.

● How to create a ‘long game’ when it is needed.

These tools form a philosophy around how you communicate with potential clients and sway the outcome to one that allows you to give them what they need while also winning the sales game.

Half day workshop.