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CSP, B.Com – For people that don’t like selling but have to anyway.

Bill James, a seasoned sales professional who was a national sales manager at just age 26 and has over 35 years of experience beating sales targets, training sales and being in the field achieving spectacular results.

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Sharn Piper successfully completed an MBA with distinction, led high performing teams, built multiple successful businesses and understands how to create a sales focused culture that is robust and produces consistent results.

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Marketing and Creative Director

“I am passionate that all Attain clients have a sense of becoming a ‘hero’ after working with our team”. Alex has been successful in turning a controversial brand around “from having daily death threats, to cry’s of help online”.

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Creative Manager

Don’t let his cheeky and chilled-out nature fool you! Ants takes brand very seriously, and he knows how to get it right. His natural aptitudes for story-telling through visuals, combined with experience in creating successful corporate identities, have led to outstanding brands that deeply resonate with different audiences.

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We are a team of enthusiasts that love the profession and the art of selling. Our constant passion is to help you to the next level of sales performance – whether you are a reluctant technician that has to sell, the sales manager or CEO whose team needs to sell better or a high performing sales professional that loves the challenge.
The story doesn’t end there, to make it happen we have a team of experts who are dedicated to ensuring our clients are taken care of.