Skill is the beginning and the foundation of confidence, and a confident sales team knows no barriers.

These are four reasons companies invest in training their people:

  1. Retention
  2. Engagement
  3. Quality
  4. Revenue

The benefits of a well-trained, highly motivated and skilled sales team include:

  1. Increased job satisfaction and morale
  2. Increased motivation
  3. Increased efficiencies in processes equals financial gain
  4. Increased capacity to adopt new technologies and methods
  5. Increased innovation in strategies and products
  6. Reduced sales team turnover

You may be looking to upskill, take your sales team to another level or refresh your team’s sales skills. You may only need your team trained in your systems and processes.

Whichever way you look at it, training is how you improve your results. Think what would happen if your favourite sports team decided they no longer needed training?

Attain Sales delivers training in-house, one-on-one or as a workshop. Training may be tailored to each company and or individual’s needs.

Action Learning: The 90 Day ATTAC Programme: ATTAC90!

Do you have lots of coffee meetings but no results?

ATTAC90 is a business to business sales optimisation programme, customised to the individual needs of each participant.

You will leave this programme with:

  • Your own sales bible with exercises, insights and tools specific to your needs.
  • Lifetime access to special member rates to additional training workshops.
  • An understanding of the professional sales process, including preparation and first approach.
  • Knowing how to manage your professional sales time and prioritise.
  • How quality questions will help you achieve quality outcomes.
  • How to set and achieve your sales goals.

Who should attend?

Business owners/operators, franchisees, entrepreneurs and professionals.

The challenges you will overcome include:

  • Low conversion rates.
  • Fear of selling.
  • The need for fresh ideas.
  • How to find business.


Action Learning: ATTAC360

Take your sales team to the next level

“At least 50% of your prospects are not a good fit for what you sell.”

ATTAC360 is a bespoke programme for sales teams that involves analysis of your team’s behaviours, habits, tools and processes followed by practical implementation of a bespoke programme – optimise your people to optimise your results.


  1. Investigation and evaluation
  2. Consulting and recommendations
  3. Training and coaching

You will leave this programme with:

  • An understanding of your team and organisation’s unique challenges
  • Insights into the processes, habits and attitudes of your sales people
  • What your customers think of you
  • A new sales culture and fresh attitudes
  • Understanding of strategic selling
  • An effective prospecting programme
  • How to uncover needs and close
  • How to create effective pitches based on your unique value proposition
  • Optimal recruitment and planning for constant improvement

Who should attend?

Underperforming sales teams, companies and corporates with teams of 5 or more sales people.

The challenges you will overcome include:

  • Lack of leadership and direction
  • Ineffective sales processes and planning
  • Low general sales skills
  • Sales teams that don’t listen

“Before you assume you have a retention problem, consider whether you have an acquisition problem instead. “Think about the customers you want to serve up front and focus on acquiring the right customers. The goal is to bring in and keep customers who you can provide value to and who are valuable to you.”

– Jill Avery, Harvard Business School

Action Learning One Day Intensives (Public Workshop. Available In-house)

Choose your bootcamp, get sales and marketing fit

Attain’s one day intensives are day-long session which deep dive core sales and marketing functions in a way that will transform your approach and your results.

Sign-up for a bootcamp today, and get:

  1. Bootcamp fit
  2. Strong with referrals
  3. Clear on your sales strategy, plans and goals
  4. Versed in the art of negotiation
  5. Able to convert conversations into contracts
  6. Pitch to win
  7. Resilient and efficient

You will walk in ‘wondering’ and walk out with a complete set of plans, ideas and tools.